• Emperor Jin 25

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  • Ningjiasu was the third child of Emperor Xuanzong. His mom was Emperor Xuanzong's courtesan, Lady Wang (王氏), who was after death regarded as "Sovereign Minghui" (明惠皇后). After Emperor Xuanzong climbed the position of royalty, he gave the title "Ruler of Sui" (遂王) to Ningjiasu. Ruler Xuanzong's eldest child and beneficiary evident, Wanyan Shouzhong (完顏守忠), and also Wanyan Shouzhong's child, both kicked the bucket rashly, so in 1216 Emperor Xuanzong pronounced Ningjiasu, his next most established surviving child, as his beneficiary clear. Ningjiasu was given the sinicised name "Shouxu" (守緒). 

    At the point when Emperor Xuanzong kicked the bucket in January 1224, Wanyan Shouxu acquired the position of royalty and turned out to be verifiably known as Emperor Aizong. In 1224, he instated his associate Lady Tushan (徒單氏) as his sovereign partner. Amid his rule, Emperor Aizong attempted to resuscitate the Jin line, which was nearly crumple because of his forerunners' arrangements. He finished the wars against the Southern Song tradition, accommodated with the Jin line's previous partner Western Xia, founded inside changes in his organization, dispensed with degenerate and inept authorities, and advanced military commanders who opposed the Mongol intrusion and recouped lost domains from the ...